2004 was the year!   Exis team  
  2004 was the year that NTOVELLOU – EXIS workshop started its creative journey in Rhodes’ old town in Greece; a journey inspired by the ancient word ‘EXIS’ which means ‘addiction’. We are addicted to the creation of various handmade crafts and objects using simple natural material, beads, semi-precious stones, laces, Swarovski and silver, white gold and gold. This unique jewelry is made by people who care for this kind of art in order to maintain its’ high quality.   The ‘EXIS’ team consists of the NTOVELLOU family, which consists of young people and the grandma, who are all responsible for the creation of various special structures, such as: leather sandals of various designs, jewelry, worry beads, Christmas and Easter ornaments and creations. One of the most significant co-worker of the business is “COSMOCHAOS” company with its excellent glyptographer Apostolopoulou Maria, who introduces her unique glyptography creations, into handmade jewelry, a technique that derives from ancient Greece of the 6th century.  
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  For a more thorough view of our creations and for wholesale prices, please contact us.   We will be more than happy to welcome you in our shop in the medieval streets of the old town in Rhodes.  
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