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Glyptography Worry Beads Sandals Men's Accessories Handmade Designs Handbags
Alpha Bank enables e-shops to provide their customers with a complete payment experience, covering all needs arising in a card-not-present environment. The service supports payments with debit, credit and prepaid cards:
The high level of Security is assured though the following:
Card data (card number, CVV2, expiration date etc.), is transmitted over the Internet in an encrypted format (SSL 128-bit encryption) and is not accessible through your e-shop.
All systems and procedures used by Alpha Bank block any third party from accessing the Bank’s data and its information systems Alpha Bank’s payment page in which card details are entered, bears a digital certificate to allow anybody to check its authenticity, i.e. to make sure that it is a genuine web page of the Alpha e-Commerce Service.
The administration and management of the Alpha e-Commerce Service is carried out by an authorised person of your company who is provided with personal access codes (username and password). In case that the issuing bank supports the use of a password for the execution of on-line payments with a card and the cardholder has registered for this service and received such a code, the Alpha e-Commerce Service requires automatically that the cardholder (your customer), type this password.
The Alpha e-Commerce Service follows the world’s best practice for e-commerce payments and is fully compatible with the international security protocols Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode for secure on-line card payments.
Please review the whole document with Terms Of Use before you order.
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